You’ve read the stats.  You know that video can 10x your engagement but you’re just a little overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed by your production options and overwhelmed by your choice of direction.  What kind of video should my business get first?  Glad you asked.

I’ve been in video production since 2003.  I have been making all types of video for a long time.  Long enough to see the return on investment.  Based on all that experience here are my top 5 types of video every business should have ordered based on their return on investment.


Go ask your sales team what questions new prospects ask them.  Make a list.  You’ll find many of these questions are identical.  Order your list based on frequency and highlight the 5 most frequently asked questions.  The first video your business needs should answer those 5 questions.  The video should be no longer than 90 seconds and it should be featured prominently on your homepage.  Encourage your sales team to ask future prospects to watch this video as part of their sales process.  Your sales people will spend less time on fruitless sales calls and the leads you do get from your website will be better qualified. 


There is a saying that the easiest person to sell too is an existing customer.  That’s because an existing customer has completed the sales process – they know you.  You can share that same experience with a prospective customer by taking them on the journey in a video.  Videos that feature a customer’s story can emotively connect prospective customers to your brand.  By showing how things worked out for a real customer you’re letting prospects know first hand what they can expect when they buy from you.  It’s like a testimonial on steroids.

Credit: Stuart Poulton


There is a story behind your company.  That story inspired you to do what you do in the way that you do.  It’s the why behind your business.  A Culture Video can tell that story.  Culture Videos are an effective way to not only explain what you’re all about but to do so in a way that connects with the viewer in a meaningful way.  Culture Videos give prospects all the details they need so they can care about what you do.

Credit: Drive Media House


People like working with people they like so, let them meet you, (and your team).  A good staff bio video will bring the likable human out of that bio on your website, (that nobody actually reads anyway).  Staff bio videos should be no more that 2-minutes in length.  They should explain who the subject is, what they do and what they are passionate about. Go on and give me a reason to like how you roll!

Credit: Stuart Poulton


If you’re selling a product show me how to use it!  Do an honest side-by-side comparison between what you’re selling and what your competitors are offering.  Explain to me why I need your thing.  Services work the same way.  Your company should work towards having a collection of videos that answer the questions your customers are asking.  This collection of educational videos will save you hundreds of hours over time and when indexed correctly will be SEO candy for your Google Page Rank.

Credit: Tommy’s TV

If you want to produce videos like these shoot me an email at me@stuartpoulton.com.  I do this all day, everyday and can show you how to best put video to work for your business.