What is a OneWheel?

It’s a really heavy electric powered, self balancing off-road skateboard. Onewheel is quiet literally a recreational personal transporter. The company that makes it was founded by entrepreneur Kyle Doerksen and is distributed by Future Motion.

Why would I want a Onewheel?

I love shooting video on railed systems. Smooth, floating video always looks sexy. Trouble is that it’s not always feasible to setup the 30 feet of track it’ll take to get that epic motion shot. So, when I saw Onewheel I was like, “Yes please.” When I watched that first promotional video showing dudes floating around on Onewheel I realized immediately they were being filmed by an even cooler dude riding on his own OneWheel. Epic motion shoots on and off-road without rails. Sold.

It is fun to ride?

Hell yes! It can get a little dicey with speed and you should be extra careful transitioning from surfaces but aside from that it’s just a balance thing.  Bonus; it’s still new enough that everyone you pass will have a comment about it.  My favorite came from a random kid on a soccer field who said as I floated passed, “You see?  I told you they’ve invented a hover board!”