What is a Ronin?

It’s a video camera stabilization system.  Basically it allows me to shoot smooth video freehand.  Check out the product specs at dji.com/ronin.

Why would I want a Ronin?

According to the promotional literature once I own one of these I would be a warrior so, naturally I had to have one.  I actually got it to shoot smooth video while riding on my Onewheel.  I shot the video clip above using this combination of gear the day after I put my hands on the system.  That kid is my son and yeah, he totally felt like he was in a movie.  #totaldude

How does it handle?

This thing is motorized on 3-axis so it kinda has a mind of its own at first but after a little learning curve I tamed the beast and it works as you’d expect.  What I really liked about this unit was the frame.  I can configure the Ronin to use one or two handed and the weight of the thing allows me to use it while riding on my Onewheel which is great!