Real Estate Video

Real Estate Video should stimulate potential buyers and convey a value proposition quickly. It’s more than a tour. It’s a sales pitch.


I film property using a wide range of professional gear that includes drones and a 10’ crane mounted on top of 16’ of track.  Why? Because the fluid pan, tilt, tracking, and jib shots I can get make for a tour unlike any you have seen before and that is at the heart of a visually stimulating real estate video.  


Beautiful video alone isn’t enough.  Drive the pace and direction of the tour with optional scripted narration.  Talk to the viewer. Highlight selling points just as you would were you actually touring the home in person.  You could even feature in the video if you want to.


If you plan to host your property video on your own website adding additional visuals might not be necessary but if you plan to share your video via social consider adding your photo and contact details on screen.  Let’s make sure a viewer can act the moment they are sold.

My Work

Here are two real estate videos I have made. One is for a multi-family residential complex and the other is for a piece of residential real estate.

Real Estate Photography

If I am at a property filming I am happy to take property photos too. Photography is not a stand alone service I provide but I will gift it as part of a contracted video project if you need it.

Latest News

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