GMFS Mortgage

GMFS originates residential mortgage loans, primarily in the southern United States. Founded in 1999, GMFS has approximately 250 employees. Since 1999, GMFS has funded home loans for more than 89,000 customers in multiple states resulting in over $14.9 billion in funding. I work with GMFS on a freelance basis to deliver web based and video content.

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Website Development

I built a website for the retail division of GMFS at After launching the website I provided training videos and support so management of the website could be done by the IT team at GMFS. This project features a content management system within the wordpress framework and many custom plugins that include a geolocation search tool for their Loan Officers, custom page templates and a testimonial management feature.

Video Production

GMFS use video to demonstrate their Loan Officers’ expertise, market their services, and to share the many civic initiatives they support. I provide video production and post production services to make these content pieces some of which are embedded on this page. My ability to bring a complete green screen studio setup to their office makes capturing such content extremely convenient for GMFS.