Finlyte Partners, LLC (“Finlyte”) is a technology-driven business solutions provider focused on enhancing financial visibility and offering central office efficiency for start-ups, emerging growth, and established, middle-market companies. I have worked with Finlyte to deliver creative design and advanced website development services since their founding.

ClientFinlyte, LLCServicesPrint Design, Web DevelopmentYear2017 -


Finlyte is based in Austin, TX and I am based in Baton Rouge, LA. The work we completed together was done by satellite. By maintaining direct lines of communication, a collaborative file sharing network and by making use of screen sharing and video conferencing when necessary workflows were incredibly smooth and productive.

Website Development

Finlyte wanted a website they could maintain overtime. The website also needed to facilitate the sharing of documents between Finlyte and their clients through a secure portal. I built their website within the wordpress framework which offered an advanced Content Management System out of the box. I then implemented a file management system that sits behind a secure portal that allows file upload, download and email notifications on both the client and customer sides. After the website went live I created a set of training videos to help Finlyte quickly get up to speed with the management of their new website.