What Happened?

On Monday I got an email.  A client was referring me.  The referral was a group who had developed an organic system to sanitize soil at a commercial scale.  They had an expo coming up and they needed help creating some marketing materials.  After chatting we determined they needed sales copy, a logo, a simple brand identity, 1000 trifold brochures and a responsive website hooked up to an email marketing platform, (so they could capture leads using an iPad at the expo).  Everything seemed pretty typical until they told me they leave for the expo next Tuesday.

What Happened Next?

Typically I’d refer this type of project to a suitable ad agency however I knew these guys would not be able to find someone that could deliver all that on such a tight schedule.  I decided that if these guys would commit to a rapid development timeline so would I.  They did.  I cleared my schedule and work began Wednesday.  By 2 p.m. Friday everything was approved and launched.