Kayla Perkins | EBRPL

“With Stuart, you’ll get the five star treatment! The level of excellence and professionalism is off the charts, and the quality of product is stellar.”




The East Baton Rouge Parish Library System have a TV Show. It’s a 30-minute broadcast that airs weekly on local cable. I produce the show. The show features news, resources and events from across the library network and serves as a unique and effective way to connect with the public they serve. Each episode includes many different segments. These segments are exported as stand alone videos which the library shares through YouTube and their other social networks. Through this project the Library System not only gets the full show on cable every month but they also get a collection of timely, well produced video content to broadcast online. By dividing up responsibility for segment preparation, collaborating on script creation and by filming the ‘studio elements’ at their main branch, this production has a small footprint yet delivers big for the library and its patrons month after month.

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