My production company works with the East Baton Rouge Parish Library System to produce a monthly 30 minute television program called, “The Library Road Show”.  Each episode features a segment called, “Beyond the Stacks” which features Kayla Perkins visiting a library program in the community.  This month the segment was to feature a bicentennial reenactment of the Marche de Galvez – a public event organized in partnership with the Library System.  200 years ago today Galvez took the fort in Baton Rouge from the British.  The historic event was marked by a public ceremony which concluded with a march from Galvez Plaza to the Welcome Center – that’s a half mile long path down third street.

“Wouldn’t it be ideal to film this march from some type of vehicle?”  I thought.  Enter the Onewheel.

You can see the sequence of video I shot towards the latter part of the video.

Not only did the Onewheel in combination with the Ronin steadicam work perfectly but it also provided a new and far more convenient way to get me and all my camera down from one side of downtown Baton Rouge to the other without breaking a sweat!