The Problem with Corporate Headshots

I have noticed over the years that companies with lots of employees profile their team online and to do that they need a good corporate headshot of each team member.  Larger companies typically have a huge collection of individual headshots taken some time ago by a professional photographer.  The problem is when they hire someone new.  Getting that new headshot to match the existing collection is a challenge.

Problem Solved.

I have setup a small studio in my office in Baton Rouge, LA.  Anyone can contact me to schedule a visit.  It typically takes no more than 5-minutes to take 50+ shots.  You pick the one you like and I’ll photoshop it and replace the background with something that matches perfectly with your existing collection.  I charge $50 per person.  It’s worked out great.  Busy working professionals can now pop over to my studio for 5-minutes over a lunch break and get the beautiful headshot they need in their inbox by the time they get back to their office.

I am not a photography studio but I do like providing solutions to problems my clients tell me they have and the work speaks for itself.