Roger Barlow | Catfish Farmers of America

“Stuart is extremely diligent, reliable and completes the work fast.  When I check in on the people Stuart interviews I always get compliments.  Stuart really continues to be exactly what we need when we need it!”




The US Farm Raised Catfish Industry celebrate their producers by awarding Catfish Farmer of the Year Awards annually to farmers in Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas. These award winners become the promotional face of their industry in their respective states in the radio, print, and television advertising generated by the industry’s marketing team. To do this the marketing team need full body portrait photos that can be keyed, radio spots recorded and television commercials produced for each Farmer of the Year. Historically this has been a disjointed task involving days off work for each farmer and lots of travel expenses. I decided to do this a little more efficiently.

I spent three days traveling to each Farmer of the Year. While at each farm I setup a photo studio and took the headshots, recorded the scripts for the radio commercials and filmed footage and interviews for the broadcast TV commercials. Because I was able to bring the production to the farmer they could keep working and the marketing team still got all the content they needed for the year.

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