So the local news wants to interview you about an innovative something your business is doing.  Or the marketing department have a film crew coming to do a video about your role in the organization.  Whatever the reason, you have to go on camera. You are going to be interviewed…and you’re worried.

Here are 5 tips to pulling off a great interview.


In an effort to ensure you say the right thing you might feel compelled to write down what you want to say.  Do not do that. You’re not going to be able to memorize it anyway. If you try to stick to a script that you can’t fully remember you’re going to get all worked up when the cameras are on you.  Do not script yourself. Truth is you don’t actually know what you’re going to be asked anyway. How could you script your responses to unknown questions? See the problem?


Worrying makes you tense.  Tense never comes off well on camera.  Seems the only productive choice is to relax.  I’m not saying run to the spa, just don’t obsess about the interview.  Take 15 minutes in the hour before the interview to think broadly about the subject and to collect whatever facts escape you in that moment.  Jot those down on a piece of paper if you need to then, check yourself in a mirror. It’s more likely you have something in your teeth than it is you don’t know the subject you’re about to discuss.


Make the conscious effort to listen to the person interviewing you.  Specifically, listen to their questions. There will be a lot going on around the actual interview.  You don’t want to be distracted by any of that. So, in an effort to avoid distraction go in knowing what you need to focus on.  Focus on the interviewee and the questions they pose. Ignore everything else.


Have you ever watched an interview, (usually on live TV), where a question is posed and the interviewee tries to fit everything they want to say in their first answer?  Don’t do that. It’s a nerves thing. As with normal conversation, the natural back-and-forth of a sensible Q&A will elicit all the relevant details so, don’t worry about it.  


You did it!  You felt good going in, your answers were succinct, conversation was relaxed.  So relaxed that you started talking with your arms a bit, you know…having fun.  What you won’t notice until you watch the recording is that horrible noise every time you touched your mic.  The last thing you do before the interview starts is check to make sure your mic head is not touching anything.  Fabric rubbing against a live mic sounds bad. Additionally, do not touch or cover the mic with your hands during the interview.  The sound guy monitoring your audio channel will appreciate it.

Worrying about looking stupid on camera is pointless.  Worrying leads to nerves. Don’t be the nervous version of you on camera.  Better to be the cool, calm and generally awesome human being you are. Besides, you are the expert on the subject they want to interview you about, (that’s why they want to talk to you).