Services Offered


I have been shooting and editing video since 2003.  I see the world a little differently.  Producing video allows me to share that perspective by making the everyday something shareable.


I have been developing websites since 1998.  I started hard coding simple html websites using Notepad and have grown with the Internet.  These days I build custom WordPress websites, landing pages, and the occasional completely custom site.

 Print Design

I create print ads, retractable banners, t-shirt designs, online banner ads, social media content, signage, cards, flyers for direct mail  – all that.  I have worked with the products now included in the Adobe Creative Suite since before they bought Macromedia.  Freehand 7.0 was new when I got started with graphic design.


I enjoy photography but do not consider myself a photographer.  I prefer to outsource photography to my network however if there’s no budget and we need a photograph I will go shoot it for my clients to support the projects I am producing.

“Stuart is the most professional, organized, in-the-know marketing professional we have worked with. I especially appreciate his dedication to our small business. It is evident in his work, use of our time, and the final outcomes of our projects.”

Stacy Levy, M.S., CCC-SLP

Personal Trivia


Why @stupox on social?  When I first got online dinosaurs roamed the planet and Compuserve ruled online chat – think pre Yahoo.  Back then folks gave themselves ‘handles’ or ‘nicknames’ online.  Mine was StuPox and it stuck.


I am married to my beautiful wife Angela.  We have two boys named Gianni and Samuel.  We live together in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and enjoy eating together, reenacting storybooks in pop-up theatre fashion and playing soccer.


I was born in England into a large family.  I am one of six competitive siblings all trying to change the world.  Thanks to plenty of FaceTime and frequent travel I have kept the accent, (although the idioms still remain which can make chatting to Americans fun).

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